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Sign up with ebates and get $5 for FREE. Just make an online purchase through Ebates and you'll get cash back and the $5 bonus. It's super easy! Plus, right now ther are a ton of Tax Prep deals at stores like, Staples and Best Buy.

It's VERY simple to earn cash back. I have earned OVER $300 the past 3 years. Whenever I want to buy something online I just go to Ebates FIRST and then I type the store I want in their search box and click their link to open the store in another tab. I've earned my most cashback last year by shopping at Kohl's.  Also, when I book a vacation online with sites like Orbitz, Hotwire, Travelocity etc I will make sure I go through Ebates.

You can do it to!
Stopping at first will become routine the more you do it. Not all stores give cash back but MANY do. You will earn a Free $5 cash credit just for signing up and using Ebates. You can also earn in-store cash back by preselecting store's you plan to shop at and tying your credit/debit card to your account.

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When it's pay out time you can get 20% more cash back by choosing to be paid by an e-gift card to stores like Old Navy, Kohl's and more. Other options for getting paid is by good old fashion check and paypal.

- Melissa