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Large brands and retailers offer printable coupons for customer loyalty and to reach out to new consumers. Printable coupons are easily available online now more than ever. Take advantage of the thousands of free printable coupons available on the internet to save money on your shopping bills.

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Why Printable Coupons?

Gone are the days when couponing required scouring newspapers, coupon booklets, mailers, and grocery circulars with a pair of scissors and an envelope. Though these traditional coupon sources are still available, new technologies and printable coupons are becoming more popular and making it easier for consumers to find and use coupons.
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Free Printable Coupons

The internet makes it possible for anyone with access to search, use, and share the same services. This media gives companies the ability to post printable coupons on their web site and allow virtually anyone to print them. Printable coupons are a great way for companies to reward loyal customers, to gain new customers to try their products or services at discount rate, or to move overstock or discontinue items. Brands, manufacturers, retailers, restaurants, and local services are creating printable coupons to offer on their websites and through other marketing resources.

The most common printable coupons are "grocery coupons" for consumer packaged goods. These are typically printable coupons issued by brands and manufacturers for brand name products and that are redeemable at most local grocers and drug stores that carry the item.

Retailers, service based companies, and restaurants also offer printable coupons. Unlike grocery coupons, these printable coupons are only valid at the particular store that issues the coupons. Local and national retailers often offer these printable coupons to promote limited time sales, for customer loyalty to keep customers shopping at their location, and to bring in new customers.

Printable coupons are widely offered on company web sites as well as on coupon portal web sites, such as Though it is often possible to print grocery coupons directly from the brand or manufacturers web site, often coupon portal sites make more sense, as they have dozens printable coupons from all of the different brands available in one place to print. Coupon portal web sites, also offer printable coupons for local restaurants, stores, and services and often a visit to the company’s web site itself may yield a valuable coupon.

Printable coupons make sense for advertisers and consumers alike. While printable coupons make it easier for consumers to find and use the coupons that they need, they also have benefit for advertisers over traditional coupons. Since consumers tend to print coupons that they may use, redemption rates of printable coupons are much higher than traditional distributions, lowering printing and marketing costs. Advanced technologies such as personalized bar-coding of printable coupons also can reduce fraud and allow advertisers to more closely track consumer redemption habits. Other technologies also make it possible to target printable coupons to particular demographics or geo-target them to only areas where they are valid.

Printable coupons are growing in popularity because they make sense for everyone and as new technologies emerge, so will more efficient media that benefits consumers and advertisers.

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